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Axxess Therapy Group

Axxess Therapy Group specializes in injury rehabilitation and pain management through the use of chiropractic techniques. We understand that many health issues in the spine or neck can seem invisible with no known causes. However, we can help identify the source of the pain and provide the necessary treatment for relief.

While people may attempt to use over-the-counter medication, we use therapy and professional treatment techniques to help ease the patient’s pain. Our goal is to provide patients with the necessary care to continue living a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. With Axxess Therapy Group, patients can experience an effective and comfortable treatment process.

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Our Team

At Axxess Therapy Group, our team has the skills and tools necessary to treat patients with the injury rehabilitation they need. Following an accident or injury, many patients will continue to experience pain. Even if there are no physical marks or signs of pain, the patient needs an individual who can recognize the cause of pain and administer the most effective form of treatment. Our team consists of professionals who can utilize chiropractic skills and help patients maintain an effective healing regimen. Patients will be able to receive their chiropractic treatment or therapy in a comfortable environment. Our team can answer any questions or concerns that a patient has with the treatment. Patients who receive treatment from our team will not need to depend on pain killers or medication on a regular basis. We will work with the patient’s individual treatment plan to help the patient return to a healthy lifestyle.

Our Services

We provide patients with a variety of chiropractic and therapy services in the Ocala, FL area. Contrary to popular belief, there is not a one-size-fits-all treatment for chiropractic issues. Different issues will call for different forms of treatment or therapy. Our services can include massage therapy, pinched nerve treatment, physical therapy, herniated disc treatment, spinal decompression, back pain treatment, neck pain treatment and scoliosis treatment. Chiropractic therapy and pain management are a process and cannot be complete in one session. We will customize our services to each individual patient in order to effectively deal with the pain. Regardless of the injury, if a patient is continuing to experience soreness or pain that does not get better without treatment, we can help. We can also help patients with injuries following work accidents, automobile accidents, sports games and more. We offer non-surgical back pain treatment options for back pain and other chiropractic issues.

Patient Information

We provide non-surgical treatment for a variety of pain issues. We utilize chiropractic therapy and pain management techniques to treat a patient’s condition in order to help the patient return to a healthy lifestyle. Since no single patient is exactly alike, we will customize the treatment to the patient’s needs in order to treat these issues. We create a relaxing environment for patients to remain comfortable during the therapy process. Under the direction of Dr. Edward Lucas, we will examine each new patient’s medical history, current condition, allergies and insurance information before developing the therapy treatment method. While we focus on non-surgical options, there are situations in which surgery is the best option. If that is the case, then we will recommend the best place for the surgery. However, most cases we treat do not need surgery and only need therapy sessions. We will also continue to adjust the treatment as necessary. Call us at 352-304-8513 for more information.